Meghamalai Hills

Have you ever imagined a tourist spot without a crowd? No way? Ofcourse, today, most of the tourist spots are populated, beautiful places are being commercialized, and we are able to cherish only the polluted streets. But, hold on! There are a few exceptions in Tamil Nadu that are non-commercialized and non-polluted. One among them is “Meghamalai”, commonly referred to as “Highwavy Mountains” in the Western Ghats in the Theni district, Tamil Nadu. Probably, this must be the only range of hills that is less likely to be visited by frequent travelers. Nevertheless, you will know the worth only if you personally experience it. Overall, the scene is alluring, the weather is chilling, the color is greenery, the stay is cozy, and the travel is amusing. Try visiting the hills between the month of October and April to thoroughly experience the scenic beauty of Meghamalai, the ultimate destination of nature’s creation in South India. Elevated above 1,500 meters, by road travel and partially trek, you will reach the Meghamalai hills that comprise, The Meghamalai viewpoint: Involves short trekking, stunning alpine view of western ghats and includes campfire night Manalar dam: Covered by mountains, and perfect for photographers Chinna Suruli falls: Grape farms on the way and hushing waterfall amidst dense forest Apart from these, there are tea estates, Highwavys lake, Murugan/ Mangala Devi temples, Vellimalai, bird-watching spots, and Meghamalai wildlife sanctuary to visit. A word of caution to those who are willing to visit Meghamalai is the vehicle. Try bringing an SUV category vehicle as the roads are highly ridged. If no, don’t worry, you can always rent a jeep or an SUV. Plus, try booking your stay well in advance as there are fewer resorts/ hotels. Get as much food, snack, and primarily water. Remember, the shops are rare. Yeah, you’re visiting a non-commercial hill station!

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