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  • Megamalai video

    The High wavys, (Meghamalai) is so called because it describes the high undulating range of steep and precipitious hills and mountains as seen from the plains. They form part of the Varushanad range of hills in Western Ghats and were least known hills around Madurai.Sharing a common boundary with Periyar Tiger Reserve, the land for long teemed with elephants ,tigers and other wildlife.The High wavys were the last planting district to be opened up. That explains why the tea estates are the heighest yelding in the worlds.Napier Ford, was the pioneer who planted tea on Cloud Land estate.One of the exclusive preserve of a group of plantations, Meghamalai today has become the exclusive destination for the natural lover and visitors who look out for privacy in personally cared plantation stays.

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  • Kolukkumalai video

    Kolukkumalai is at an elevation of 8,000 ft above sea level and is one of the highest tea plantations in the region. There is also a jungle nearby, which is home to various animals such as elephant, gaur, sambar and sloth bear. The place can be reached only through jeeps.Is there any better place to have a refreshing cup of tea than the hills of Kolukkumalai, which are home to the highest tea plantations in the world? And the tea grown here has a special flavour and freshness, thanks to the high altitude.The sprawling plantations and an old tea factory lend an old world charm to this place. Go on a guided tour through the factory. The two-storied building, built in the 1930s, with its wooden interiors and aroma would present you some time-tested methods of tea processing. ereH tea is processed in the traditional method, which is different from the more popular CTC (crush-tear-curl method).

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  • Kurangani video

    Kurangani is a hill station atop the Western Ghats accessed from Bodinayakkanur in Tamil Nadu, India. It boasts of rich estates growing Coconut, mangos and all spices,and coffee. There is a mountain rivulet that passes between Kurangani mountains in the east and Kozhukkumalai in the west. A less-explored tourism spot, this region has ridges and mountain peaks, surrounded by valleys and covered with dense forests.Not only will you get to enjoy the waterfalls that are just a 30-minute trek away, you will also get to see coffee and cardamom plantations and processing. This place is known for its spices. A couple of hours of walking will take you to a remote tribal village that’s completely cut off from the world.Yes, we have something for those of you who like to explore as you trek. One trek leads to Top Station through Central Station and the other leads to Kolukumalai Estate which is the world’s tallest standing tea estate.

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