About Us

It is a well-recognized, reliable and preferred tour orchestrate located in Theni. We believe that what is BEST today, can become BETTER tomorrow .We are using various mediums of reaching you to ensure that your tour becomes smooth and relaxing when you are with us. To be competent in this fast progressing global scenario, we have to be the BEST ALWAYS. We are appreciated for our affiliation and reach to an extensive network of Hotels, Commuting facilities and other Resources essential for a perfectly planned tour. We have employed efficient communication resources in terms of technology, including our website www.thenitourism.com.

It is our representative for our service and honesty. Because of reputation with vendor we get best deal in all sectors and Because of vast experience we make package at very economical price. We ensure absolute Reliability and Certainty from the moment you enquire with us. Our primary concern is to provide BEST Comfort, Convenience and above all Gratification of your expectations throughout.

Based out of Coimbatore, the Woodbriar group is among the largest Tea plantation companies in India. Its tea holdings, comprising more than 23000 acres are spread around Kerala and TamilNadu making the group the largest producer of Tamilnadu. Most importantly, the group has consistently outperformed its nearest competition, focusing on innovations in production, harvesting and planting, making them the fastest growing tea planting company in India.

We believe in making relation rather than selling our product so you will feel friendly people all over destination, not our counterpart. To achieve a high comfort-level to our clients, we pay attention to all aspects of their needs down to such details as provision of guides and drivers who are not only well trained, and therefore professionally sound, but also well mannered and courteous.